Touch Kiosk - Base Unit


The base Touch Kiosk consists of the the head and column units, in 20ga steel, powder coated the color of your choice. If not specified we use white. There is also a powder coated 7ga top plate and bottom plate, and a 20ga cover. The unit assembles in five minutes with 22 bolts and thumb nuts, and 8 metal screws to keep the back on. The 24" touchscreen monitor comes installed, as do 4 speakers that are connected to two sound boards. Volume is adjustable with the computer volume, and the rear (side) projection speakers may be turned off. Administration can be done with any keyboard and mouse. A small wireless keyboard and touchpad can be found easily under $10. The brain is able to be hard or soft booted right into a kiosk mode screen, and there is a video screensaver. Version 1 of the brain is a single board computer running Linux. This price does not include creation or application of any graphics. We can provide those services here in the shopping cart, or we can supply you with a sample set of PSD files to have them printed and applied yourself. Any vinyl printed stick works, or you could have them screen printed.
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Shipping: $60.00