Kiosk Brain V 1.0


Everyone seems to be wondering how it is that GunsAmerica made a kiosk brain that works well and is so cheap. The answer is much more simple than you would imagine. These kiosks are running on an SBC, or single board computer, similar to the now famous Raspberry Pi. You don't have to pay for expensive Intel chips, and you don't have to pay for MS Windows, so the system itself is almost free. We custom developed this version, with a kiosk mode browser and video screensaver, and it cost almost nothing to duplicate it. You will have a fast and robust kiosk that you can just unplug and it will boot right back when it gets plugged back in. This brain comes with a wifi dongle installed and working. You will use online tutorials to connect it to your network. So at the most very basic, plug the brain into an HDMI monitor, hook up a keyboard and mouse of some kind, and your kiosk will be operation. If you are using one of our Live Storefront websites, you'll have your inventory and all of the inventory from your distributor at the fingertips of your customers. Comes with a custom homepage. The V2 brain will be offered to you at a discount when you purchase the V1. The V2 will most likely be on an EMMC ship as opposed to an SD card, which should make it even more robust and bulletproof.
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