GunsAmerica In-Store Kiosks

Close Every Sale!

So why do I want an in-store kiosk anyway?

The gun market has changed drastically since the advent of the internet. Consumers know generally what they want, and they know how much they expect to pay.

That doesn't mean that they don't come into your store seeking advice. Of course they do, but how many times have you given that advice, only to see them walk out the door without the gun that you hand selected for them according to their needs?

In most cases those lost sales are due to price pressure.  There is an unspoken rule, especially among the young, that you can "always find it cheaper online."

But guns are different than nearly every other product in America.  You can never (well except for CMP), have a gun shipped directly to your door. You always must have the gun shipped to an FFL dealer, and these days, ATF requires that you must have some kind of store to have an FFL license.

In general, when you factor in the "transfer fee" and shipping, it is tough for the consumer to beat your shelf price. There are always the exceptions, where Buds or another internet parasite has bottom fed a specific deal, but these days several of the larger gun companies are enforcing MAP, or Minimum Advertised Price.

The kiosk is to educate the consumer. You can get every color and caliber combo they might want, and usually you can sell it to them at a competitive price. 

Very few guns should ever be sold "online" and shipped into a local dealer. Your own website should have distributor inventory, and your own inventory uploaded from your own POS system. If you don't have that now, you should consider a GunsAmerica Live Storefront. You are shopping on one of our LSFs right now. 

A comprehensive, live inventory driven website and an in-store kiosk are your tickets to closing every sale that walks into your store. Stop letting those sales walk out the door with GunsAmerica Dealer Services.

 Why the Different Types?

First of all, GunsAmerica has been trying to spread the word about in-store kiosks in gunshops for a long time. We went to SHOT Show 2014 with our first idea, which was just a table with a computer, and it had a banner for a marketing message. The dealers that adapted this design did very well with it.
For 2018 we decided to take things up a few notches, since kiosks have been the norm for a long time, and it isn't such a foreign concept. Cabelas bought their kiosks for $8,000 each from, and when that same company quoted kiosks for us, they started with an empty can at $2,000, with no brain, graphics, or shipping. After all of those things, it was more like $3,000, which is a significant investment for a small mom and pop gunshop (even though you probably have several high end ARs rotting on your shelf right now that cost you a lot more than that.
After a long search, including Chinese manufacturers, we found a desktop arcade machine that would work as a great kiosk with minor modification. The whole package, even with custom graphics, is under $1,000 delivered. 
We took that same idea into creating a steel kiosk with a touchscreen.
Common kiosk "wisdom" is to make the machines very minimalist. The most common kiosks are a bent blade design, and they have no real room for a message of any kind that is at eye level.  Other designs are just an Ipad on a pole.
Minimalist can work, if you have someone directing people to the kiosk. But in the same size footprint we found that you can make a larger unit with a larger screen, at eye level, with a tempting marketing message, also at eye level. 
"Didn't find it in the store? Check Our Website!"
"We Beat Most Internet Deals!"
Our Touch Kiosk is a great deal at under $2,000 shipped, and will become he pillar of your gunshop if you give it a shot.